Pet Bereavement

Coping with the loss of your pet 

If you are reading this then there is a good chance that you have recently lost a dear friend, companion, member of the family. We are truly sorry if you find yourself in that situation, and you have our deepest condolences. It is often too easy to forget how important a role our pets play in our lives until we lose them. 
The journey of recovery can be a difficult one, with grief coming in many different forms and stages. Some people may feel they need to take time out of their usual routine to mourn, or come to terms with what has happened. This is perfectly normal. 



People who are not pet owners may have trouble sympathising with and understanding your emotions. Do not worry about the opinions of others. It can be difficult for them to appreciate the sacred bond between pet and owner. This is your grieving process. It is important for you to deal with it in your own unique way. 
We have compiled a list of various resources on this page which cover the subject of pet bereavement. 
Hopefully these will be of help to you through your time of grieving. 
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