Our Promise & Process 

The Cherished Promise: 

  • - To treat your pet with the same level of dignity and respect we would show any member of our own family 
  • - To be as adaptable and versatile as possible to suit your personal requirements 
  • - To always deliver a personal handover of your pets individually cremated ashes 
  • - To never freeze your pet, as some companies do 



The Cherished Process: 
What do we do? 

This section explains the process that occurs when you arrange to cremate your pet with us. The easiest way to explain this is to break it down into steps. 
1) You would contact us near the time of your pets passing, or when your pet has passed depending on the situation, to arrange the collection of your pet. We can be contacted at all times through e-mail, text, or phone. 
2) When we come to bring your pet into our care, we will leave with you some documentation containing choices of how you would like to say farewell to your pet and what you would like to keep as a memory. If we are collecting your pet from your veterinary practice we will drop the documentation to you at a time that is preferable to you (ideally on the same day). 
3) Your pet will be taken to the crematorium, where they will be individually cremated and their ashes returned to you. This will be in either the included scatter tube or an urn of your choosing. Any keepsakes you have chosen will be delivered along with your pets ashes. 
4) The return of your pets ashes marks the end of the cremation process, however please feel free to stay in contact with us afterwards by simply following our Facebook page. Here you can submit a free online pet memorial to be posted among other sympathetic pet lovers. If you are interested in having an online pet memorial please send an email to info@cherishedpetcremations.co.uk with some of your favourite pictures of your pet and a short inscription. 


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