Collection Services

The collection service that Cherished offers ensures that your pet is transported with the care and respect they deserve. 

We will collect your pet in our specialised pet hearse either from your home or veterinary practice. 



As opposed to the weekly collection offered by some of the larger corporate companies, we offer a responsive collection service. We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This ensures that your pet is never left without care and attention, and also allows us to offer a timely cremation and return of ashes. 
Our collection service is free if the collection address is within 10 miles of Junction 12 of the M27. This distance is calculated on the shortest driveable distance to your location, according to Google Maps. 
We are constantly striving to keep our pricing as low and as fair as we can. Because of this, if your address is beyond our included 10 mile collection distance then we do have to make an additional mileage charge. This charge is £2 per mile and is a one-off fee which covers both the collection of your pet from either your home or veterinary practice and the personal return of ashes to you. It is best explained in the example below. 





Tom, your Cat has passed away and you want us to bring Tom into our care. You live in Portchester which is 15 miles from Junction 5 of the M27. The first 10 miles are included within our Pet Plan however the remaining 5 miles are not. These 5 miles are charged at £2 per mile, thus 5 miles x £2 = £10.00. 
In this example the total payable for the collection and care for Tom, including of course Tom’s guaranteed individual cremation and the personal return of Tom’s ashes in a Bluebell Scatter Tube to Tom’s home will be: 
Small Pet Plan £175.00 + One off mileage charge £10.00 Totaling £185.00 No other hidden extras or costs. 



24/7 Call Out 

Call outs that occur outside of our normal operating hours will incur an additional fee of £30. However you may wish to have your pet lay in state with you at your home, or with your veterinary practice until contacting us during normal operating hours. 


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